Things Not To Do While You’re Quitting Coffee

So, I’ve wanted to quit coffee for a while now. My reasons are numerous:

  • I want to sleep better
  • I have an extremely hard time waking up
  • Yellows teeth
  • Headaches if I don’t drink enough
  • Makes my resting tremors worse
  • Potentially expensive
  • Potentially caloric


I do enjoy the taste of coffee. I’ve drank it consistently for nearly 15 years at this point. I love how it tastes, how it smells, and how it makes me feel (for the most part). I have had no major reason to give it up, other than the potential benefits I might obtain if I actually quit coffee.

Unfortunately, I suck at timing. I decided to give up coffee after a few days of also starting a low carb diet. This was also a day that I had all four of my children…who are all under 10.

Really smart, right??

So far, on day one, I’ve had a massive headache and my mood is a little lower. My thinking seems a little bit slower, but it’s also monumentally clearer already. I had to add in some carbs just to make the change more bearable.


Things Not To Do While You’re Quitting Coffee

Combine it with going low carb

I enjoy going low carb, especially when it’s a higher-fat version of low carb. But to combine it with no coffee is torture. Now I can’t enjoy coconut milk and butter in my coffee first thing in the morning! The lack of caffeine is like having twice as much brain fog. Although if I continue eating low carb, the benefits will quickly outweigh the brain fog. My thinking is always much clearer without the carbs and with higher levels of fats than it is eating “normally”.

Pick a day where you can’t sleep at will

So, don’t quit coffee on a day when you have to stare at your computer screen for hours. If your day job (like mine) involves a lot of computer work, definitely don’t start on a work day. Start like Friday after work. Or on a holiday.

Start it on a day where you’re already tired

Don’t do what I did! Don’t decide to quit coffee on a day where you’re absolutely tired (or otherwise unwell) already. See above. You’ll want to sleep at awkward times and that’s not fun.

Try to replace it with drinking tea

Normally, I like tea. I do. But to try to drink tea when what you’re really craving is caffeine-filled coffee goodness is futile. It’s just no replacement, and it’s not even worth trying. Just accept that your taste for hot liquids is going to be marred for a while and you  might be OK.

Start after beginning a kettlebell routine

A few days ago, I started a really great kettle bell and squat-filled workout routine. I have been sore for DAYS NOW. Ouch. Quitting coffee when you’re already feeling like crap is a dumb idea.

So don’t do what I did. It’s bad, mmkay? Trust me on this.

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