Thoughts of a Minecraft Beginner

Minecraft is a terrifying game when you first start out. It’s about survival! And crafting! And digging – Oh God the digging.  You either love it or you’ve never played.

Here are some n00b thoughts I had when I started to play Minecraft. Maybe you can commiserate.

What the fuck am I doing?

Literally, I signed up because the guy I was interested in (now my boyfriend) liked Minecraft. No joke. So I launched it at home on my Windows 8 machine. I didn’t have the money to spend on a full $29 license, so I played the demo version. Actually, I played it like 5 times because I kept either dying or sucking really badly. Once I got it up, all I could think about was that I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing. I mean, what do I do? All I know is that nighttime = bad and that I wasn’t supposed to die. What does that even mean?

Thank God for Alt+TAB and the Wiki

Good Lord, I made use of tabbing out of Minecraft and looking at the wiki. “How do I make tools?” “How do I build a house?” etc . I mean, this shit isn’t intuitive. What am I putting where? Oh, these planks turn into sticks… aha…. and then… what do I do with dirt? OH SHIT STOP ATTACKING ME.

OMG This all looks the same

Maybe it’s just the autism, but all the blocks look the same. Is that a stairway or a wall? Don’t know, can’t see it.

I just died. Again.

Oof. I just died. Something exploded behind me – what happened?

Where the fuck is that sound coming from?

The incessant moaning. Go away!

Wow, that’s a big hole.

Creepers gonna creep.

When can I play again?

I totally see why Mojang’s Minecraft is addictive. It’s a game where I can roam aimlessly, build what I want, mod as I please, play solo or with others, and just relax. It’s like legos for grownups. It’s awesome!